Week 1                                                                                                             

T Jan 29 Kyla Wazana Tompkins, “We Aren’t Here to Learn What We Already Know”

Jennifer Roberts, “The Power of Patience

Mary Oliver,  “The Summer Day

Rainer Maria Rilke, “The Archaic Torso of Apollo

The Transition from High School to College Writing

Week 2

T Feb 5 Richard C. Taylor, “Literature and Literary Criticism

Rita Felski, “From Theory to Critical Method

Edward Said, “Speaking Truth to Power” (for this text, I’ve provided a pdf of the whole book from which it comes.  The chapter that you need to read starts on page 85 and runs for 15 pages).

Eric Hayot, The Elements of Academic Writing (1-40, 47-55)

The Craft of Research (1-28, 269-280)

Questions Group A

Week 3

T Feb 12 No Class (Lincoln’s Birthday)

Week 4

T Feb 18 Nella Larsen, Passing (all)

Dorothy Hale, “The Novel as Social Discourse”

Jonathan Culler, “Narrative

Selected book reviews of Passing

MLA Handbook (1-58)


William Zinsser, “Writing About the Arts

Katy Waldman, “The Hedonic Appeal of Dreyer’s English”

Questions Group B

Response Paper 1

Week 5

T Feb 25 Robert Dale Parker, “Historicism and Cultural Studies”

Miriam Thaggert, “Racial Etiquette: Nella Larsen’s and the Rhinelander Case

Thadious Davis, “Nella Larsen’s Harlem Aesthetic

Eric Hayot, The Elements of Academic Style (57-88, 211-217)

Questions Group A

Response Paper 2

Week 6

T Mar 4 Stories about the Tragic Mulatto/a (stories and poems by Child, Harper, Chopin, Twain, Chesnutt, Johnson, Cullen, Hughes, and Hurst)

Cheryl Wall, “Passing for What” Aspects of Identity in Nella Larsen’s Passing

Caroline Levine, “The Affordances of Form”

Eric Hayot, The Elements of Academic Style (89-148)

Craft of Research (27-104, 232-247)

Questions Group B

Response Paper 3

Week 7

T Mar 11 Deborah McDowell, “Black Female Sexuality in Passing

Ann duCille, “Passing Fancies

Judith Butler, “Passing, Queering: Nella Larsen’s Psychoanalytic Challenge

Craft of Research (105-172)

Questions Group A

Response Paper 4

Week 8

T Mar 18 William Blake, Songs of Innocence

Joseph Viscomi, “Blake’s Relief Etching Process: A Simplified Account”

N. Katherine Hayles, “Medium-Specific Analysis

Zapruder, Why Poetry (197-218, 101-114)

Questions Group B

Response Paper 5

Week 9

T Mar 25 William Blake, Songs of Experience

Saree Makdisi, “Fierce Rushing: William Blake and the Cultural Politics of the 1790s”

Laura Mandell, “Imaging Interiority:Photography, Psychology, and Lyric Poetry

Zapruder,, Why Poetry (1-74, 129-160

Questions Group A

Week 10

T Apr 2 Library Visit

The Craft of Research (173-188)

MLA Handbook (102-129)

Response Paper 6 (Paper Proposal)


Week 11

T Apr 9 David Fairer, “Experience Reading Innocence: Contextualizing Blake’s ‘Holy Thursday'”

Jonathan Culler, “Language, Meaning, and Interpretation” and “Rhetoric, Poetics, and Poetry”

Zapruder, Why Poetry (161-196)

Question Group B

Response Paper 7

Week 12:

T Apr 16 Slow Lightning

Selected Corral interviews and reviews

Zapruder, Why Poetry (75-100, 115-128, 219-226)

Eric Hayot, The Elements of Academic Style (167-210)

Annotated Bibliography

Week 13

T Apr 23 No Class—Spring Break

Week 14

T Apr 30 Slow Lightning

MLA Handbook (59-102)

Craft of Research (248-268)

Poem Presentations

Response Paper 8

Week 15

T May 7 Craft of Research (189-199) In-class Workshop


Week 16

T May 14 Book Review Presentations
T May 21 Intro + Outline Due
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